Really, where are you

Sorry, I have had so much going on that I can not believe I have been gone this long. My surgery was May11 and everything went well. Slowly, I have been feeling better. The only problem, I have been studying for my P & C insurance license. It is taking a lot longer than expected.

I have just not been able to get to craft and it is starting to really get to me. I hope, I mean really hope that I am able to get a couple of things done this week and get them posted. My poor desk is calling me and I can not seem to answer.

I have worked on a 2 page spread off and on for a couple of weeks and it just is pretty plain. I will post that soon too.

I have been checking everyone's stuff here and there to see what everyone else has been up too. Keep it up. Soon you will have 1 more crafter back on the web. Talk with ya soon.

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