Last Minute Easter Cards

So I was thinking that I would make a couple more last minute Easter Cards. I remembered to take pics of this, but the really cute thing I made I forgot to. I made a Easter bucket with paper flowers and gave that to my grandmother. That way she did not have to water them and worry about them dieing. I really wish I would have taken a picture, it was so cute.
This week will be kinda crazy, I have to try and get my house cleaned up, mom's surgery is this week and I will not be home too much after work.
I am trying to get as much scrapping and cards done in the next month, maybe I should set up a page and card counter and track myself.
On another note, I just love to follow everyone's blog. I get online and check everyone's blogs as they post and really enjoy to see all the work that everyone else has been doing. I also love to have followers, it makes me feel needed. Even though I am not doing too much and I feel that everyone elses work is WAY better than mine, it is nice. I tell myself, I will only get better the more I do.
I have been pretty impressed lately. If I just do what makes me happy that is all that matters.
OK - so on with my day. I have to see if Make a Card Monday has been posted on You Tube and then off to get ready for work.
Enjoy your day, have a wonderful week, I will try to get some more done and posted.
Until Later my Friends.


nessy said...

love this easter card ~ very pretty ~ i`ll wait now for you new creations to look at ths week!
vanessa xx

Allison said...

This is lovely...great decorating the inside of the card too!

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