WOYWW 151.....Really is that possible

Good morning all from here in Ohio. Really there must be something wrong with the calendar there is no way again that it is already Wednesday. I mean really when you are down for a couple of days with vertigo, the week just disappears. Plus I have my garage sale this week, had a doctors appointment and besides that going on, I'm trying to ,......... oh well enough about that. Lets get to what this post is about. My craft desk.

So this week I have been working on a load of things. By the way the 2 craft shows that I had last week went very well. I now have the extra money put to the side to become a Close to My Heart consultant and I am going to Mega Meet May 10.

Ok, again can you tell that I am a little scatter brained this week. Its the vertigo I tell ya.

So this is what my desk looks like. I'm in the middle of un-mounting all my wood mount stamps. Can you say.... WHY???? Because, it will save room in the long run. It really is not taking too long to un-mount them off the block. It is just the part where my poor little fingers feel like they might fall off. 

Here are the binders that I talked about last week that I had gotten for 50 cents at the Goodwill. I have 2 of the binders filled so far. I purchased 28 of them. I don't think I will need that many, but for 50 cents really who couldn't over purchase. 

I made the pages by cutting 2 pieces of cardstock and then laminating them with 3 mil pouches. VERY EASY. I made the pages a little smaller in the 2nd album to allow me to use 2 pages per 1 laminating sheet. After I un-mount my stamps and brush the clingy stuff on it. Demo I then am left with all these wonderful wood pieces. I still have no idea what in the world I'm going to do with these. I am saving them in a bag for right now. 

I have mixed up enough to continue to do all of my stamps and I have just placed it in an old pickle jar.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day and I get everything done. See you next week. If not sooner 


Peggy Cain said...

Just stopping by to see what you’re up to. I took all my stamps off the wood to.. but I forgot to label them so I could remember who made them. When I started teaching and used them it was frustrating not being able to tell people where they could get the stamp Have a great week!

Redanne said...

That is a big job you have set for yourself. I have seen on a blog somewhere (can't remember) where the crafter made little mini works of art with her wood blocks, you could also do some ATC's if they are the right size, maybe? Like your storage idea for them and good tip from Peggy above. Happy WOYWW from Anne #61

Nadia ( said...

Best wishes on the unmounts! I didn't have the stamina to do more than an hour of that but you seem much more determined! I love your crafty space and have fun at the Mega Meet!
Nadia 117

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the un mounting. The blocks would be perfect for small altered art pieces.

Happy Wednesday.

Zoe #49

kay said...

think you have a big job ahead of you but worth it in the end,you could use the blocks to make inkpad holders for your inks
have a crafty week and
happy woyww
kay #98

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Vertigo? Bleurgh, I sympathise as I get it occasionally. It's no fun and makes you feel horrible... :(
That's a good job you're doing there, much less space needed for storage!
Hugs, LLJ #33 xx

Darla said...

Never heard of unmounting stamps?? #146

CraftygasheadZo said...

Great idea, save on space, I store mine in folders too. Take care, am still working my way through the list, doing so in stints and making sure I have snacks to munch! Zo xx 77

Queen Of Toys said...

Keep up the good work it is long and tiresome but you will get there and those blocks, you will wonder why you even had them one day.

Eliza #26

Carmen said...

I don't envy you that job. What a good idea though. I don't have enough stamps to bother really so I'll leave all that hard work to you :)

Have a lovely week. (Hopefully vertigo free)

Carmen #105

Pam said...

Lovely busy desk thank for the nosey xxxx

Tertia said...

I am also slowly but surely unmounting my wooden stamps.
Happy very belated WOYWW

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