Really I have not forgotten

I just like everyone else have been totally busy. I think I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

I made my first trip to Scrap Happy Ohio, the day after Christmas and I loved it. Just need to hit the lottery and then I can make weekly trips.....

I have been cleaning up craft space a little and moving things around readying myself for my E2, CAN'T WAIT! 

The week of Christmas my son and I were pretty sick so that was hard enough to deal with.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Holiday and spent time with family and friends. 

I am making a trip to Scrapbook Korner in Archbold, Oh today with a friend and hope to get some more goodies, not that I need them, but.

Well I just wanted to let you all know I have not forgotten I still have a blog, I will resolve to update more in the coming year.

The Determined Scrapper


Candy said...

You changed the look of your bloggity blog! Cute! We were bad, bad girls today!

Mindy Adams said...

Yes Candy I sure did. Do you like it? Thought I would do something different. You were bad, I was semi bad.

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