Someone please find my MOJO

It seems as if my mojo has run away. I would really like it if someone could find it and return it to me. I have craft fairs coming up and not a whole lot to sell.

I really dislike going through these spells. Hopefully it will be over soon, I haven't blogged, read blogs, done any videos, or even created.

Miss you all.


Jessica said...

Hey Mindy, I just came over from You tube and watched a bunch of your videos. Then they just stopped! I don't know where your mojo went, but usually when mine goes away, I do one of two things. I pull out some old magazines, or go to the internet and check out youtube. Or... I get as far away from my scrap room/space and just forget that I have it. Get outside, soak up some nature. Then something will just strike me and I'll have to get it on to paper! Both work for me. How about gardening? You said in one of your videos that you liked to garden. Go get your hands dirty! HTH
Hugs, Jessica

Danielle Hunter said...

Staying busy helps keep the mojo going and once you slow down, so does the mojo. You gotta find it again, lol! I know it's around here somewhere. Will I be seeing you on April 9th? Hope so!

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